In 1976, these Tribal leaders from the South Puget Sound region had the remarkable vision to join together to create SPIPA(South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency)  The original mission of SPIPA, as set forth by the founders: Mel Youckton (Chehalis), Zelma McCloud (Nisqually), Bill Smith (Skokomish), and Cal Peters (Squaxin Island, 1927-2011) was to "study, prepare, and recommend comprehensive Tribal plans; to aid in providing financial and technical assistance to participating Tribal communities; and to otherwise assist in such planning and development as may seem appropriate to promote the general welfare of participating Tribes." 

In 1992, the consortium welcomed the Shoalwater Bay Tribe as a SPIPA member. This unique model now provides intertribal planning, technical assistance and program management services to support each Tribe's goal for their members.


SPIPA Board of Directors

The SPIPA Board, which meets once a month, sets policies and goals for the South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA).

Each Board member is appointed by their Tribal Council and given the duty of keeping their Council informed about SPIPA activities and intertribal project opportunities. 

SPIPA Board Members


Dan Gleason
(Chehalis Alternate and SPIPA Board Chairman)

Harry Pickernell
(SPIPA Board Delegate)


Sharlaine LaClair
(Nisqually Delegate)

Marie McDonald
(Nisqually Alternate)

Joe Cushman
(Nisqually Alternate)


Kathirine Horne
(Shoalwater Bay Board Delegate and SPIPA Board Secretary)

Lynn Clark
(Shoalwater Bay Alternate)


Alex Gouley
(Skokomish Board Delegate)

Jack-Lyn Smith
(Skokomish Board Alternate)


Vicki Kruger
(Squaxin Island Delegate and SPIPA Board Treasurer)

Patti Puhn
(Squaxin Island Board Alternate)

Charlene Krise
(Squaxin Island Delegate)